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We are a company that is renowned for our exceptional coffee and genuine support for Cafes.

Our partners come first, whether its face to face coffee training or coffee consulting, we are here to support you.

There is nothing we enjoy more than collaborating with local companies to create relationships and come together to give back to the community. Let’s work together to create something unique.

Contact us today to become a Caffè Monte distributor or a café partner.



At Caffè Monte, we want to focus on the success of your business. Being there not only as a coffee provider but as a partner. Sharing new ideas and concepts with you is the foundation of our success. We are in this together.

When you provide coffee for a living, your equipment must deliver consistently great coffee every day. Our team is here to introduce you to the best equipment with unparalleled backup service.

With the latest technology from quality brands like La Marzocco, Conti, Ascaso, Bunn, and Fetco in a stunning range of custom colors & finishes, we’ll make sure your equipment is mind-blowing inside & out.


French artisan bakeries to your favorite neighborhood café, we are honored to work with them. Visit our café partners online now where we feature some. Let us feature you!



Do you supply equipment?

Yes! Speak with our team for details on our range of commercial coffee equipment. If you have your own equipment, we can help with that too.

Do you offer marketing support?

Yes! From signs to reusable cups, and umbrellas to digital media – there is a variety of ways we can help you let the world know where to find your amazing coffee.

Do you offer barista training?

Absolutely. At our training facility in Calgary we can offer professional training, or we can come to you. Let us help you get acquainted with your equipment.

What sort of service & support do you provide?

When you run a café business, support is paramount and that is why we have a team of Coffee Professionals on the road, working alongside you. Every day this experienced team provides on-site training, equipment calibration and solutions to any technical issues you may have.

What is my price?

Wholesale coffee pricing goes way beyond just sending a box of coffee beans. Depending on your business, it could include equipment, marketing, training, technical and business support. The best way is for us to arrange a meeting to tailor a custom program to your needs. Let’s talk.

Which coffee is right for me?

Choosing the best coffee for your business depends on several factors including the type of business and your range of customers. Thankfully, the process of finding the right blend of coffee beans involves drinking a whole lot of delicious coffee. Let’s start cupping now.

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