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At Caffe Montè, we understand the importance of sourcing the finest green coffees from around the world, however, we also understand the importance of using class-leading coffee roasting equipment.

Committed to roasting in small batches, we started with our 2.5kg roaster and as we grew we included a 25kg, then added a 50kg. As we source our machines from Diedrich Roasters we can create the perfect clean cup every time.


Our roasters are manual as well as automated, this means that we can manually roast the perfect cup and once arriving at the perfect profile we can save the roast. Therefore every time the roaster will roast to the perfect recipe thus creating a consistent cup every time.

Small Batch roasting ensures clean, discernible flavors in your cup. To simplify it, we can finesse a small batch during the roasting process. Larger roasters simply lack the ability to tightly control all of the variables during the roasting process. 

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